Want to win back your Ex?


So, you’ve tried the “I’m gonna do my own thing without her”,”F HER”, “I can do better”, and “I’m just gonna hit on every girl I see at the bar & hope one of them will go home with me”…

Then you realize you want your ex back because it hit you in the face like a ton of bricks one night when you saw her smile on IG & you quickly realized that all of these other women are actually really annoying. Lol. Know you’ve made a huge mistake? Now what?

Here are some tips  that will work wonders:

1. Send her a text. But not an annoying one. It needs to be thoughtful- not a booty call. For example: a sweet text message like “I heard our song earlier and it reminded me of you. How are you?”

2. Suck the f*ck up! Over compliment her, over text her, act like you really want to see her, take her to dinner. The works.

3. Show her you’ve changed. Speak to her respectfully, listen to what she has to say, & decide on what you guys are going to do to make this time different, and BETTER…”Seriously so hot when a man can keep his cool” -Emma

4. Buy her gifts. A pair of sunglasses, a dainty gold necklace, a new pair of Nike’s! Any of those would work.

5. Don’t play hard to get. Loose the games, don’t wait to text her back on purpose, stop liking girls IG photos. If you want to get really serious- unfollow all the side hoes. “So true!” -Morgan

6. Cut back on going out. LOL. Stop going to the bars and being a little casanova with your friends. It ain’t cute. Not one bit.

7. Avoid bringing up the past. Don’t bring up anything she’s done wrong. Because most likely- you were a f*cking asshole, too. You just don’t wanna go THERE. Trust us.

8. Don’t try to have sex with her right away. Be a gentlemen. Not a damn douche bag. You need to court her first…dinner, movie, the WORKS.

9. Be apologetic, even if it wasn’t your fault. She will recognize that you are trying and will be more likely to want to get back with you.

10. Block all other women on your phone. Yes, we know we’re crazy, but you wanted our advice…didn’t you?

11. Before you text her though- we suggest you watch this video! You’ll be glad that you did, trust us!!!! The information is ON POINT.

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