Whats my type?

Whats my type? 


1. Take care of your body. Use proper hygiene, fitness,  and have motivation to make yourself look and feel your best.

2. Be successful. It’s hard for a beautiful, successful woman to date a man who isn’t successful himself. From our own experience, it almost always causes issues. Most men can’t handle dating a woman who is more successful than they are. Men need to look, feel, and act like an alpha male to reach their full potential.

3. Have a good sense of humor. There is nothing hotter than a man that can Make a girl laugh.  It’s not attractive AT ALL when a man can’t take a joke, like why are you being such a baby?!?

4. Make us feel good. Research shows that we don’t fall in love with a person themselves, we fall in love with the way they make us feel when we are around them. Be exciting, funny, and confident, being confident around a woman makes them feel confident in themselves. Trust us, nothing will drop panties like a confident man.

5. Be interesting. What woman wants to stick around if you’re boring? NONE. Take her places, make plans to do things, have something entertaining to say…don’t expect her to stay if you aren’t putting in the effort to keep her, because she can have any guy she wants!!!

6. Have nice things. Having nice things, and keeping them maintained is a sign of security and success. Woman love a man that can take care of her, and how you take care of your things is an easy way to tell if you will take care of them.

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