Is My Man Loyal?

It’s “nothing” they say, “I don’t even talk to her” they say.
Hi loves! If you have heard this saying it’s time to leave now. As horrible as it sounds, if a girl is full on eyeing your man at a small town party, chances are he’s be speakin’ to her. It’s easy to get jealous in a situation like this and say “HE’S MINE” like a crazy psycho…because we have all been there… BUT in reality, it’s your man (soon to be ex’s) fault.
He’s probably snap chatting her behind your back & every time you get into a small argument she’s the first person he runs to. He likes her pictures on Instagram from 3 weeks ago, & he also thinks he is sly. <—Funniest part about all of this. 
But don’t feel bad, not at all…because in return she will have to deal with his crazy ass devil eyes when he eventually gets angry with her, and low and behold he will find somebody new to snap chat when they are fighting, and tell her “It’s nothing” and “I don’t even talk to her”.
My favorite part about all of this is that the man tries to blame it on the girl… “Babe, she tries to talk to me… I never respond.” HAHAHAHAHAHAH. Stop, right there! That’s funny because last time I checked I’ve never stalked a guy that was in a relationship. Let alone I have never stalked somebody that doesn’t reply to me. I mean, there are some crazies out there that do take part in this, but I’m giving this girl the benefit of the doubt. You’re welcome. Because that’s all I’m giving you, ever.
So if you’re like me, at first you will ignore all of this. Then ignore some more. Then pretend you are living in Lala land and that none of this is happening right before your eyes, shoot you may even take off your glasses so you are too blind to see what he is doing when ya’ll are watching a movie and you look over at his phone. But I am advising you not to do so. Eventually you will find the snap chat’s/text messages for yourself when you do have your glasses on, and you will be devastated, and he will be mad that you are mad. Funny how that one works. D-bag.
BUT, then you will forgive him because he promises to never do any of this again. You will believe him until wait for it……. You are hanging out and all of a sudden he get’s a snap chat FROM…. you will never guess! HER.
What I have concluded from all of this is that… if a man is snap chatting another woman/texts another hunnay consistently- this is a form of cheating. He should be giving you his undivided attention, not giving half of his attention to one lady, and the other half to you. Feel free to agree, or disagree. This is my own opinion. You can go ahead and claim you aren’t the “jealous type” go. right. ahead. If you really aren’t, I’m happy for you. But to me, there’s a difference between being jealous, andbeing betrayed.

xo, the girl who’s been through it all…

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